Saving Seed

As the Roundup Ready® soybean trait expires, many growers are exploring the potential economic value of planting approved saved seed varieties versus planting new Roundup Ready 2 Yield® seed. In many cases, planting saved seed may not be the most profitable option. We’ve created a calculator to help you make the best decision for your operation.

Your local market and growing conditions

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Cost of saving seed

Income lost by not selling harvested grain, in dollars per acre*


Assumes 50 lb. bag planted per acre valued at (50/60)* New Crop Futures

Cost of seed conditioning and treating per acre


Bagging & tagging costs per acre


Storage & interest cost per acre


Storage and interest estimate is based on an estimate of $0.27 from OHIGRO in Waldo Ohio in May, 2002 and has been adjusted by the Prices Paid by Farmers in 2002 index into a price for 2010 [PPF-2010 = 124; PPF-2010 = 183 so 183-124 = 59 thus (I + .59)*$0.27 = $0.43

Total cost of saved seed per acre


Potential Additional Revenue

Includes the additional revenue that was not lost by saving seed, the production costs not incurred by planting new seed, and the additional yield advantage from planting new Roundup Ready 2 Yield.


Potential advantage of planting new seed,
per acre:


Potential advantage of planting new seed,
per entire operation:


This calculates the estimated yield gain between new Roundup Ready soybeans and new Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans. This also includes the estimated yield gain of 1.9 Bu/A average advantage of newly purchased soybean seed vs. saved soybean seed of the same variety, as shown in past studies.

This calculator determines the advantage of planting Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans vs. saved seed only on year one. Repeatedly saving seeds year after year will likely result in much larger yield losses each year.

^ Seed Prices vary. Consult with your dealer for the price of seed in your area.

** Yield gains vary.